Whale-watcher's delighted scream goes viral (video)

Woman screams excitedly while whale watching, video goes viral

A whale-watcher's unadulterated screams of delight have been dubbed the new "Double Rainbow" as the video goes viral.

Julie Rossman, 30, was whale-watching in Cape Cod when more than 20 whales broke the surface.

And it's safe to say she was pretty excited.

According to Stuff.co.nz, she said: "To see so many whales was just shocking. I sound like a fool - but it's such a lucky moment captured in real life.

"When we were on the boat, there were only one or two before the huge pod. It was also a full moon, which apparently makes whales more likely to come up and make sound."

According to USA Today, it has taken three years for Julie to upload the video online as she felt a little shy about her excitement.

She told the site: "I was embarrassed, but the reaction is one of happiness and joy, so there's nothing to be ashamed of."

The incident actually occurred off the coast of Provincetown, Cape Cod, back in August 2011.

Julie's friends were convinced the video would go viral, and Julie has even received a shout out from the famous "Double Rainbow" man himself.

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