Second British teen stabbed at holiday resort in Turkey

Second British teen stabbed at Marmaris holiday resort in Turkey

A British teen has become the second to be stabbed within two weeks at the same holiday resort in Turkey.

Declan McNulty, 18, is in intensive care following the attack in Marmaris.

He is being looked after at the same hospital where Callum Copson, 19, is also recovering after being stabbed.

It is believed that Declan, from Leicester, was stabbed after a Scotland v England bar row turned into a street fight.

Mr McNulty reportedly got into an argument with Josh Stevenson, 19, from Glasgow, on Monday night at the Chuckle Brothers bar.

One member of staff told the Mirror: "They were in separate groups, both drinking and rowdy.

"The Scottish lad started rowing with the English boys, shouting about which country was the best.

"They would have come to blows in here but we're a fun family pub and our staff made sure that nothing happened."

But the argument continued in the street and Stevenson allegedly knifed McNulty, who, one witness said "had to push his intestines back in".

Witness Tanya Robinson told the Daily Mail: "I thought it was just pushing and shoving at first but as one lad ran off I realised that the other one was doubled over clutching his stomach and trying to hold his insides in.

'His friend gave over his T shirt to try and stem the bleeding and stop his intestines slipping out. It was horrific."

It is believed Mr McNulty stumbled to the seafront where locals called emergency services.

He was rushed to the private Ahu Hospital, where doctors worked for 10 hours to save him.

Josh Stevenson has been arrested in connection with the attack.

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