Pilot in lucky escape as plane crash-lands at airport near Birmingham


Pilot has lucky escape after crash-landing at Birmingham airport

A pilot has had a lucky escape after he crash-landed at a Midlands airport.

Part of the landing gear on his single-engine plane collapsed as he touched down at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green airport near Stourbridge.

He was coming into land on Wednesday when his front wheel gave way causing the plane to skid down the runway before coming to a halt.

Airfield fire crews rushed to the scene and sprayed the aircraft with foam to prevent it from bursting into flames.

There were no other passengers on board and the pilot was unharmed.

Alastair Mackinnon, the airfield's operational manager, told the Birmingham Mail: "It was a simple colision. The Piper PA -8 Cherokee came into land and as it has done so the front wheel has collapsed.

"It has skidded along the runway and come to a stop. One male was on board, the pilot, and there were no injuries."

According to the Express and Star, he added: "The fire service that is based at the airport sprayed the plane with foam but this was precautionary and to prevent any possibility of a fire starting. It is standard for the fire service to attend."

Back in June 2013, a passenger plane with 137 people on board careered off a runway at Birmingham Airport because it was travelling at twice the recommended speed, according to air accident experts.

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