Carribean Airlines forced to cancel flights as all of its pilots call in sick


Caribbean Airlines grounds all flights after all pilots call in sick

Caribbean Airlines was forced to cancel all of its 22 domestic and international flights on Tuesday - after all its pilots called in sick.

The airline, based in Trinidad, took the "unprecedented action" after what is believed could be some kind of strike.

According to the Daily Mail, in an internal release to all staff, CEO Michael DiLollo said: "We are naturally concerned firstly for the health and welfare of our pilot body since this is an unprecedented occurrence.

"This unfortunate situation has disrupted our scheduled services at the beginning of our critical summer season, during which we count most on our operational crews to demonstrate reliability and service for our loyal customers."

According to the Caribbean Journal, DiLollo added: "Many families choose this time to travel and have committed hard-earned savings to enjoying this time together.

"To disappoint them will surely be a serious breach of our unspoken contract with them, a betrayal far deeper than even our legal commitment to provide the promised service."

The airline flies to and from airports in the Caribbean to New York, Miami and Gatwick.

The Trinidad Express reports that Caribbean Airlines has been communicating with the Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilot's Association (TTALPA) regarding outstanding issues and continues to have discussions "in good faith".

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