'Bigfoot' spotted for second time at fishing hotspot (video)

Video: Bigfoot spotted at fishing hotspot in Virginia

Three men say they have caught footage of Bigfoot while fishing in Virginia.

Randy O'Neal, his father and his uncle were all angling on the Intercoastal waterways when they spotted what they believe to be a sasquatch on the opposite shore.

Ryan uploaded the pictures and a back story in a video on YouTube, and defies users to prove it's fake, writing: "Feel free to pause, copy, zoom, dissect, or whatever you need to do to prove this is fake."

He explains how he saw a creature in the same area 25 years ago, which he shot at.

In response to claims that story is false, he wrote on YouTube: "For the record. My story from 25 years ago is true. The photos are real and not photoshopped. #1 I am not willing to pay the price for the Adobe Gold Plated Software lol. Who am I? I am a husband and father of three. Our kids are grown and now we train and ride horses as a hobby. As a profession, I am a Microsoft Certified Instructor. I have better things to do with my life than create a hoax for anyone's pleasure."

This story is just that latest in a string of 'Bigfoot' sightings.

In April, two men claimed they had found the Australian Bigfoot in South Queensland.

'Yowie searchers' Jason Heal and Jason Dunn say they offered the mysterious creature apples to lure it onto camera.

They uploaded a video of the 'Yowie' on YouTube and wrote: "We believe its a young Yowie In the early morning on saturday 29/03/2014.

"Watch how it moves side to side the way it lifts its head as it looks at the apples on the rock.

"You can see the eyes shine as it concentrates on the apples."

And, in January, a researcher and Bigfoot expert claimed he had found the home of the legendary creature in the wild woods of Arizona.

The Daily Mail reports that Mitch Waite and his wife Susan Farnsworth filmed the lair buried half under the ground with a narrow entrance in the Tonto National Forest.

The nest was discovered in 2010 and features on Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' series, but there is little evidence that the giant ape lives in the hole.

Do you believe that Bigfoot exists? And you think this is the real deal? Leave your thoughts below.

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