Abandoned places in the UK: Beautiful sites to explore

These incredible historic monuments have been deemed unfit for purpose

Abandoned places in Britain

Thought Britain's preened and polished attractions were the only must-sees? The UK is home to some breathtakingly beautiful sites that have been abandoned for years, adding to their allure and mystery.

Castles, towers and even villages lie derelict in many of the country's secluded beauty spots, and in some cases in the middle of crowded cities.

The giant concave Sound Mirrors in Kent were built as a form of defence during WWII to detect enemy aircrafts. Discarded with the invention of radar, though an unsuccessful tool of warfare, these striking concrete structures are a must-see if you're visiting Romney Marsh.

In Northern Ireland, Dunluce Castle sits dramatically close to a headland that plunges straight into the sea and once had a village surrounding it, which was destroyed by a fire in 1641, after part of it fell into the sea on a stormy night in 1639 and it was soon abandoned.

We've rounded up a few of our favourite abandoned sites around the country. Click through our gallery to see the pictures.

Abandoned places in Britain

Abandoned places in Britain

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