Quirky places to enjoy an ice cream around the world


July is National Ice Cream Month (as if we needed an excuse to pig out!) and to mark the occasion, we are thought we'd bring you a selection of the quirkiest, most outlandish and just plain weird ice cream parlours around the world (and no, Mr Whippy does not make the list!).

A customer eats chocolate ice cream serv

From a toilet-themed parlour in Shanghai that serves up to a venue serving our canine friends in Hoboken, New Jersey, you can't get quirkier than this!

Outlandish toppings, weird flavours, innovative techniques and even frozen treats for dogs all feature amongst these not-to-be-missed ice cream parlours and vendors.

And in case you want to jump on the first flight to your favourite quirky ice cream parlour, Cheapflights.co.uk came to the rescue with some sample prices.

Would you buy an ice-cream from one of these quirky vendors? Let us know in the comments below.

World's quirkiest places to enjoy an ice cream

World's quirkiest places to enjoy an ice cream

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