Five injured after 'severe turbulence' hits Ryanair flight


Ryanair passengers hurt in severe turbulence on flight from Dublin to Barcelona

Five people have been injured after a Ryanair flight was hit by "severe turbulence".

Two passengers and three crew members sustained minor injuries after the flight from Dublin to Barcelona hit turbulence on Tuesday, causing people to be thrown around the cabin.

According to Yahoo News, one passenger said that people were "catapulted from their seats", hitting the ceiling.

The traveller told "After several tense minutes the air hostess frantically asked was there a nurse or doctor on board several times, causing panic among passengers. We were concerned that it was the pilot that was injured as the air hostess rushed to the cockpit.

"Eventually the pilot made an announcement, saying he was unaware the turbulence was so strong.

"We were absolutely terrified as the plane pitched aggressively roughly over a 60 degree angle throwing debris all over the plane."

According to the BBC, Ryanair said in a statement that two passengers and three cabin crew members sustained "minor cuts and bruises" adding: "The captain called ahead to request the Reus ambulance service to meet the aircraft and provide medical assistance to these crew and customers."

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