'Drunk' man needed 80 stitches after removing 11ft alligator from road


A man was left needing 80 stitches in his hand after deciding it was a good idea to personally remove an 11ft-long alligator that was blocking a road.

Along with two friends, Glen Bonin came across the reptile in the road in Louisiana after a few drinks together.

They decided to take their shirts off to cover the alligator's eyes while attempting to remove it out of the way of oncoming traffic.

The whole terrifying scene was caught on camera by a passing motorist.

While trying to pull the alligator off the road by the tail, "it spun around and grabbed my hand", said Bonin.

Glen also posted some gruesome pics of his injuries on Facebook.

The Daily Mail reports that he added: "It felt like it lasted forever. When happened, it was a split second but it really wasn't. It felt like it lasted a long time."

According to the Mirror, Bonin told KPLC: "I've always been the kind of guy to learn the hard way."

He added that he was lucky to escape needing just stitches, saying: "Definitely fortunate, God was watching over me."

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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