Gary Barlow in terrifying mid-air drama on transatlantic flight


Gary Barlow and Take That members in plane crash scare

Gary Barlow and his fellow Take That bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald have been involved in a mid-air emergency on a transatlantic flight to London.

According to unrealitytv the three thought they were about to die as their transatlantic flight from Los Angeles suffered a serious malfunction, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The Airbus A380-800 developed mechanical failure in Canadian skies, and according to reports the pilot requested immediate assistance and an emergency landing at Toronto Airport.

The plane then was grounded in Canada and by the time the fault was repaired, the crew had already worked their permitted hours, so the plane had to land again - this time in Shannon, Ireland, where two planes were sent to fly passengers back to Heathrow.

The entire journey, which normally takes around 11 hours, took 24 hours.

The X-Factor judge has previously admitted that he has had hypnotherapy to overcome his fear of flying, and a source close to Gary told the Daily Mirror: 'Gary won't want to fly again in a hurry'.

When asked by a fan about the reports on the incident on Twitter, Howard Donald replied: "Believe it or not it's actually true! Bleeding nightmare."

The band members had been in California recording a new album.

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