Honeymoon hell: Couple forced to pay £4,000 for 'broken' TV in Cuba hotel


couple's honeymoon hell in cuba

A couple on honeymoon in Cuba have told of their holiday hell after they were ordered to pay £4,000 for a broken television in their hotel room.

Wesley and Heather Dyson, from Lancashire, were staying at the Paradisus del Rio D'Oro Resort & Spa and were on the last day of their honeymoon.

They were stopped while on the coach to the airport and Mr Dyson was told to pay £4,000, 10 times the cost of the TV, or the police would not hand back his passport, the Daily Mail reports.

Heather, 31, took their flight home, while Wesley spent an extra night in Cuba to make arrangements for the payment.

The couple said they do not remember damaging the television.

Speaking to The Bolton News, Mr Dyson, 36, said: "The hotel was run by the military and we were advised paying would be in our best interests.

"They said, if you don't pay that within three days then an investigation will start and you will be held.

"I was in the army for 13 years and have been all over the world but I've never been treated like that anywhere.

"It was horrendous - like a Cuban hell."

Wesley warned other holidaymakers in Cuba to carry out a personal inventory of their hotel rooms and take photos.

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