Boston-bound flight returns to Dublin after cabin crew falls ill


flight returns to dublin as crew falls ill

An Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Boston was forced to return to Ireland when a number of cabin crew fell ill.

The plane left Dublin airport at 4.23pm on Sunday and returned two hours and 15 minutes into the flight, the Irish Independent reports.

Cabin crew were met by medical staff at the airport and Aer Lingus said it was investigating the incident.

According to the Irish Times, none of the 280 passengers on board fell ill.

The pilots did not declare an emergency landing and did not request any special requirements from medical staff.

Flight EI-139 was cancelled and passengers spent the night in a hotel.

Last month, a plane carrying 185 passengers was diverted to Dublin Airport when crew reported feeling "nauseous and dizzy".

The US Airways jet flying from Venice to Philadelphia landing safely in Dublin.

Paramedics were waiting for the flight when it landed and nine people were taken to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin for observation.

US Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr said in a statement: "Medical professionals are evaluating our flight attendants and we are re-accommodating our customers on other flights to Philadelphia."

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