Flight simulator opens near Exeter in bid to cure fear of flying


Flight simulator opens near Exeter in bid to cure fear of flying

A flight simulator has opened in Exeter to help people tackle their fear of flying and to train the next generation of airline pilots.

Former pilor Captain Andy Wilins came up with the idea of the Virtual Jet Centre in Chudleigh.

According to the Exeter Express and Echo, the centre offers enthusiasts, professionals and novices the chance to experience flying a Boeing 7373-800 aircraft using a state-of-the-art computer simulator.

A cabin, designed with aircraft sounds has been designed to help people suffering with Pteromerhanophobia - or fear of flying.

Captain Wilkins offers one-to-one sessions in which people can talk about their individual fears, offering an insight into the phobia in a private setting, reports the Western Morning News.

The centre has run 300 flight hours and offered many flight fear courses and one-to-one sessions since it opened nine weeks ago.

Cpt Wilkins said: "This simulator has already made an amazing difference. I had one person who was scared of flying who told they are excited about flying. This is so gratifying."

Wilkins plans on adding a second simulator to the centre in the future.

The centre is not only helping trainee pilots and thoses with a fear of flying, it is also boosting tourism in the local area.

The business is expected to generate £100,000 turnover in its first year.

Ways To Combat Fear Of Flying

Ways To Combat Fear Of Flying

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