Thunderstorms and flash floods this weekend - but there's a heatwave coming!


UK weather: Thunderstorms and flash floods this weekend, but heatwave to hit next week

Weather forecasters are warning of flash floods and thunderstorms hitting Britain this weekend.

But there's good news on the horizon too, with experts suggesting temperatures could soon reach the late 20s, as a full 'heatwave' hits the UK next week from Europe for the first time this year.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "After a cooler, clearer and fresher day on Thursday, the weather will quickly change again to become very warm and humid by the end of Friday, but also very unstable too over the west. The threat of storms and flash floods will move north east across many western then central areas on Saturday. It will be fresher with just isolated showers again by Sunday.

"On Thursday, England and Wales will have a pleasant day with sunny spells, but on the cool side with temperatures typically 15C to 17C, 18C in the south east. Central to northern Scotland will stay cloudy with outbreaks of rain until evening.

"Friday will start cool then steadily become warmer as a south east flow from the continent brings warmth northwards. Much of Britain will be fine and quite sunny, but rain for Ireland and the risk of isolated showers over the far west of Wales and south west England. Temperatures in the late afternoon will lift to the low 20s over England and Wales.

"On Saturday, expect heavy downpours. The heavy rain and thunder will hit over the south west and Wales early in the day, spreading to central and north west England through the morning and to much of northern England and south west Scotland in the afternoon.

"There will be 20mm to 30mm of rainfall, but locally 40mm or more is possible with a risk of flash floods since storms will be slow-moving.

"It will feel humid and muggy with temperatures in the low 20s, but may pop up to 26C or 27C in the south east before the storms arrive. The best area to be will be northern Scotland where it will be dry and sunny with temperatures 23C to 24C.

"The storms will move north on Saturday night and Sunday will be a pleasant and fresher day across England and Wales. Still feeling warm in the sunshine with temperatures 20C to 23C over central to eastern England. Expect showers though over Ireland and western Scotland."

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Looking ahead to next week, Leon hints that a heatwave will hit, bringing BBQ weather that could even see temperatures rise to 30C. But, he says, it's too early to be certain.

He added: "Temperatures warm up again next week, especially early in the week, but it remains unstable with a risk again of some heavy and thundery downpours. We could see temperatures reaching the high 20s over the south on Tuesday.

"There are some extreme forecasts for later next week with a heatwave over Europe spreading to the UK, temperatures in the low to mid 30s. At the moment we are giving these forecasts a low weight, but next week certainly looks warm."

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