The world's scariest airports

We all know that take off and landing is the most dangerous part of flying, which is one of the reasons most airports around the world are built in flat areas with lots and lots of space around them, with lovely long runways that are far away from things that might, er, complicate things, like buildings, volcanoes, mountains... you get the picture.

But there are some exceptions. If you're a have a fear of flying and want to know which airports you should avoid when you fly, then you've come to the right place. The slideshow below shows just a few of the places that are more 'scareports'. We've found one where planes can only land when the tide is out, another that has a rather short uphill mountain runway and another that is so close to the city centres that planes regularly appear to skim the tops of buildings (and sometimes people's heads...).

Have you flown to any of these? What was it like? Tell us below!

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