Remote places to really escape the World Cup this summer

Where to escape the World cup: holidays in remote locations

Want to escape the football madness that is the 2014 World Cup? You'll probably want to avoid Brazil, unless you're planning to visit one of the country's most remote parts, such as the Amazon forest close to the Peruvian border where you can meet the tribes of the Kaxinawá of western Brazil and go completely off the tourist (and football) trail.

But if you don't want to risk being near a vuvuzela or caxirola during the World Cup, you should probably head for somewhere further flung, completely off-the-beaten path where there's not a football stadium in sight.

Luckily there are a few stunning spots that are a world away from the football. Take The Russian Far East (pictured): an undiscovered region which is best explored by ship and is home to remote tribes, intriguing local cuisine and cultural performances in Chykchi, Nivkh and Orok.

For an experience unlike any in Brazil, visit Arctic Norway where pristine mountains, deep fjords, picturesque icebergs and beautiful polar bears await.

You don't even have to leave the UK to escape the World Cup this summer as the stunning Isle of Skye offers natural beauty, abundant wildlife, mind-blowing scenery and hillwalking in Scotland's Inner Hebrides.

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Where to escape the World Cup

Where to escape the World Cup

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