Drunken pensioner conducts hilarious singalong on late-night train to Kent (video)

Drunk pensioner conducts hilarious singalong on late-night train to Kent (video)

The moment a merry pensioner decided to conduct a singalong on a late-night train service to Kent has been caught on camera - and it seemed to go down pretty well.

Passengers were travelling in silence from London Victoria to Ashford when the the man got to his feet and started belting out the Scout song Kumala Vista, reports the Metro.

According to Kent Online, the happy warbler was a Sevenoaks strawberry farmer called Martin Clews, who owns Stonepitts Farm in Seal.

He reportedly kept around 50 people singing away for about an hour on the last Southeastern train to Ashford on Friday night.

The paper reports that it was even being talked about on local radio, when one of the passengers spoke to KMFM. The lady called Hope said: "It was the last train home.

"Everyone was minding their own business, when suddenly he started singing and clapping.

"Everyone starting joining in - it was lovely.

"I didn't know what the words were, but I gave it a good go. Everyone was really getting into it - it was great. I shook his hand on the way out."

The scene was caught on camera by passenger George Haswell.

He told the Mirror: 'It was so funny and entertaining. He was so amazing. He was loving it. He put the whole carriage in such a good mood.

"After he got off there were still around 50 people in great spirits. One person started singing Wonderwall and everyone joined in.

"We were singing along for the rest of the journey."

He added: "This man needs to go viral."

It certainly gives a new meaning to 'train conductor'.

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