Shropshire named Britain's best value holiday destination


View of Ironbridge town

Shropshire has been revealed as the most affordable UK holiday destination, perfect for self-catering holidaymakers looking for a cheap getaway.

The county, which boasts Shrewsbury and market towns among its tourist attractions, is the most-affordable destination for a one-week holiday rental from June to August 2014, a TripAdvisor survey shows.

Including two-bedroom holiday rental accommodation, one dining-out meal and basic groceries, a Shropshire self-catering trip cost £566.

The next best-value destination was Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland (£568) followed by Lincolnshire (£569), Derbyshire (£570) and North Yorkshire (£627).

Most-expensive destinations in the survey were Cornwall (£854), Dorset (£834) and Devon (£826).

Taking just the accommodation into account, Dumfries and Galloway is the least-expensive destination, at £450. In contrast, the accommodation part of a self-catering week in Cornwall would set a family back £745.

TripAdvisor said that the north of England and Scotland largely dominated the the most-affordable destination list, with the three most-expensive locations being in south west England.

"Self-catering holidays are a great way to keep costs down without compromising on quality," said TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay.

Best value European holiday destinations 2014

Best value European holiday destinations 2014

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