Dad gets stuck on South Korea holiday after son draws on passport


Dad stuck on South Korea holiday after boy draws on passport

Boy Draws On His Dad's Passport And The Family Gets Stuck In South Korea

A man has become stranded in South Korea after his son decided to practice his drawing skills - all over his passport.

The four-year-old boy took to the back page of his dad's passport while on the family holiday and scribbled nice pictures all over it, even enhancing dad's face with more hair and whiskers, and colouring in his eyes.

According to the Metro, the man, known as Chen, is now stuck in South Korea because his documentation is unrecognisable, and probably will not be able to travel home with his family.

Emirates 24/7 reports that some people have suggested it is photoshopped.

But the man uploaded the picture to social networking site Weibo along with a plea for help.

Unusual places for a family holiday

Unusual places for a family holiday

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