Plane passenger forced to urinate in coffee cup


Plane passenger forced to urinate in coffee cup on Air Labrador plane in Canada

A plane passenger found herself so desperate to spend a penny that she was forced to urinate in a coffee cup.

Johanna Tuglavina was on an Air Labrador flight from Hopefale to Nain in Canada when she discovered that the plane didn't have a toilet.

She then found out that the toilets at the two airstrips her flight stopped at were out of order, according to the Daily Mail.

Ms Tuglavina had tried to go to the toilet before leaving Hopedale, and she asked to use the loo during a stop in Natuashish, but it was also out of order.

Her flight was unable to land in Nain, and had to circle back around to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. it was then she realised she simply had to go.

Speaking to, Johanna said: "I said [to the pilot], 'Gee, boy, I'm going to have to use that empty Tim Hortons cup back there because I really gotta use the washroom,' and he had a little smile on his face and he said, 'Well, there's a little bag out there too if you need to use it,' so I used both of it.

"I had to wake up a passenger in order to hold on to my jacket while I used the washroom on the plane where there's other people sitting down, right, as cover to have a little bit of privacy, at least."

She added: "It was a choice between peeing in my pants, or peeing in a Tim Hortons cup."

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