'Brave' commuters rescue woman from train tracks in Kent


A close up of a set of train tracks at sunset.

Two brave commuters rescued an elderly woman who fell on to the rail tracks as a train was approaching Strood station in Kent.

The woman, thought to be in her 60s, tripped and fell on to the tracks shortly before a train was due.

While commuters alerted station staff who in turn contacted the advancing train, two passengers jumped down on to the track and got the woman clear. Source PA

She was taken to hospital with a suspected broken ankle.

According to Kent Online, the incident was seen by Neville Mostert, who was saying goodbye to his wife in the car park just after 6am.

He said: "We heard the 06:02 high speed train coming in and saw a guy jump off the platform and run across the tracks. First instinct - `What's he doing?'

"He was jumping down to lift an elderly lady off the track. Makes me wonder how many people would actually step up and be a real hero? Who was this guardian angel? My faith restored in humanity."

A spokesman for Southeastern said: "We have launched a full investigation.

"Although their actions (the two men) were commendable, we would never encourage passengers to get onto the track themselves and they could be in real danger.

"The first port of call is to alert station staff to the incident and they can get the power turned off on the track."

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