Zookeepers risk lives by putting heads in crocodile's mouth (video)


Zookeepers risk lives by putting heads in crocodiles

Crocodile handlers in Thailand are shocking visitors by kissing the reptiles - and even putting their heads in their fearsome jaws.

The male trainer at Pattaya Crocodile Farm risks his life every day for just $7, alongside his female accomplice.

Between them they wow audiences at the Thai zoo's croc show with their fearless acts.

One stunt sees the male run, slide along the floor before reaching in to kiss the crocodile on the tip of its nose without it even flinching.

And not to be out done, the female casually puts the crocodile into a relaxed trance using a bamboo stick, before carefully placing her head between its gaping jaws.

Zookeepers risk lives by putting heads in crocodiles' mouths

Ian Maclean, who shot the footage during a recent trip to the show, told Caters News: "Would you take this job for $7, considering the dangers?

"One performer actually did have his head crushed while locked in the massive jaws of a crocodile."

Despite the obvious dangers, many people sign up each year to become crocodile trainers.

A study with reptiles at Florida's St. Augustine Aliigator Farm Zoological Park found that the reptiles slam their jaws shut with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi). A human chomps a steak at around 150 to 200 psi.

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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