US airline refuses to let musicians on plane (video)


Two musicians who were banned from carrying their their violins onto a flight decided to take matters into their own hands and shot a video of themselves playing Bach on the tarmac in protest.

US Airlines told them they had to check their instruments into baggage as they posed a security concern.

The two musicians, who are part of the group Time for Three were flying to a concert and were less than impressed with the airline's request.

Nick Kendall insisted the instruments needed to be carried on because they are so fragile and combined, both violins are worth a half million dollars, reports WSOCTV.

The video, which was posted on YouTube got over 100,000 views in one day.

The airline's Facebook page was soon filled with comments about the incident.

U.S Airways eventually re-booked the musicians' flight after reaching out to the duo on Twitter.

Zach De Pau anD Nick Kendall made it to their destination in Arkansas with their instruments.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration's rules, small instruments, including violins can be brought on board as carry-on baggage. The rules also state that the instruments can be stowed safely in a suitable baggage compartment in the aircraft cabin or under a passenger seat.

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