Train crashes into station platform after 'brake failure' (video)


Kiwirail train crashes through barrier at Melling Station in Wellington

A passenger train derailed as it came into Melling Station in Wellington, New Zealand, on Monday morning after a brake failure.

One person suffered minor injuries and another was treated for shock after the incident, which occurred at just after 8am.

Around 70 people were waiting for the KiwiRail train when it failed to stop and crashed into the concrete platform, eventually hitting a pole.

There were 10 passengers and two train staff on board, and two passengers were treated in hospital.

The impact of the crash reportedly shook houses 200 metres away.

Passenger Ross Moreland was at the front of the train when it happened.

Speaking to, he said: "The driver jumped out of his cab and told us to brace ourselves when we were roughly 300 metres from the end of the line.

"He shouted out: 'I've got no brakes, brace yourselves'. From what I saw the driver looked like he could do nothing. He didn't have any brakes at all."

He also praised the actions of the driver, and said he checked to see if all the passengers were okay after the impact.

KiwiRail chief executive Peter Reidy did not want to comment on reports that the train driver had told passengers the brakes had failed, and to brace themselves for impact.

He said investigations were taking place into the cause of the incident, and it was too early yet to know.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Mr Reidy said: "The investigations would look at the full range of possible causes for the incident.

"Sun strike, the status of the driver, the speed, the state of the rails - was there any ice on there? It was quite cold this morning - that will all be part of the investigation.

"All that will come out in due course, in terms of the root cause of the incident."

He added: "We conduct regular safety briefings for our staff and have ongoing staff monitoring and training in place."

He also said the train's black box and video footage would be examined.

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