George Clooney facing £100k tax bill over fiancée's engagement ring?


george clooney faces tax bill for fiancee's engagement ring

George Clooney could have to pay £100k to the UK taxman after giving his fiancée a £415,900 engagement ring - simply because Amal Alamuddin passed through Heathrow Airport.

The Hollywood actor, 53, presented Amal, 36, with the seven-carat emerald-cut ring when he proposed in April. But when the British lawyer was spotted strolling through customs at Heathrow on 13 May, questions were raised whether her fiancé had paid the tax.

British travellers who arrive from non-EU countries must pay customs duty and import VAT on all goods that exceed stated allowances, the Daily Mail reports.

For Amal's diamond engagement ring, the tax is 2.5 per cent of the value (£10,397.50), plus 20 per cent import tax, totalling £93,577 for the taxman.

According to Gulf News, an HMRC spokesman said: "Bringing in goods bought from outside the EU, whether in person or through the post, could attract customs duty or import VAT. Customers should check the current limits on our website."

Celebrity Sightings In London - May 13, 2014

While George is looking forward to his wedding, the actor hasn't had the best week after his Lake Como villas was targeted by a burglar on Thursday.

Luckily, the hapless thief only managed to get away with a bottle of wine before he was caught at the £25 million Villa Oleandra in the village of Laglio.

A source told US Weekly: "The alleged burglar, a 29-year-old Romanian man, found the wine in a small alcove in the garden of the lakeside property and then tried to force his way into the villa."

But Clooney's security team spotted the robber and he was arrested by police and charged with theft.

According to E! Online, the man is quoted as saying to police: "It was my birthday and I decided to go in there.

"I had been thinking about it for a long time. I was looking for money. I was ready to burn down the house."

George was not at the property at the time of the incident.

Weird stuff seized by customs

Weird stuff seized by customs

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