UK weather: Bank Holiday Monday to be hot!



Much of the UK has been hit by heavy rain and storms for the last few days, but the good news for the millions setting off on the big getaway today is: Bank Holiday Monday will be hot.

Before the warm, however, comes the disctinctly "unsettled".

Leon Brown, meterologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "Saturday will continue the unsettled and showery theme, and we could see some heavy and thundery downpours and local flooding over central and southern Britain. The north will be cooler with just a few light showers. Temperatures will range from around 9C in the far north to 16C in the brighter central and southern areas."

But things will then brighten up after Saturday. Leon said: "There will be a slow improvement through the weekend with the south possibly dry and fine on Sunday. There will be more showers from North Wales to the northern Midlands, and it will be cool with lighter showers in north west Scotland. Temperatures will hit 19C to 20C in the south east and a chilly 9C to 10C in northern Scotland.

"Bank Holiday Monday sees higher pressure so much of the UK will have a fine day. The best of the sunshine will be in the morning with more cloud building for the afternoon. There is a risk of showers though in the afternoon over the south east. Temperatures could reach up to 22C in central to southern England, the mid teens over Scotland."

Looking ahead, Leon says we will see more showers before warmer weather returns. "Next week the north is best with fine weather while the south will be more unsettled with the risk of showers from the near continent.

"There will be fresh north east winds over the south. The warmest temperatures will be over the west of the UK and often reaching 21C to 23C. It will be coolest in the east in the winds off the North Sea."

Trafficmaster and the AA predict that there will be as many as 17 million cars hitting the road this weekend - and all, no doubt, will be hoping that Sunday and Monday turn out bright and fine as predicted.

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