Car parks on row of motorbikes in London (pictures)


Passers-by in London were shocked to find a car parked on top of four motorbikes in a busy Westminster street.

The Citroen people carrier was spotted balancing on the row of bikes.

According to the Evening Standard, police said the car had crashed into the bikes after the driver lost control of the vehicle. The female driver had suffered neck injuries in the incident on Friday.

The accident happened in front of an eye clinic on Harley Street and the area was cordoned off while the car was recovered.

Bemused onlookers took to Twitter and posted snaps of the "new way of parking".

Physiotherapist Rob Madden at the Centre for Health & Human Performance wrote: "New way to park on Harley Street. Any one work this one out!?!? Crazy!"

Witness Liza Mead wrote: "It's all going off in Harley Street!"

In 2012, a French driver found himself in a rather embarrassing tight squeeze after mistaking the entrance to an underground station for the route into a car park.

Anyone wishing to enter or leave the Chaussee d'Antin La Fayette station in Paris had a shock when they saw the black car blocking the way.

And, inevitably, members of the public crowded around to take pictures and make the driver's humiliation complete.

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