Two girls crash car while filming themselves singing and dancing at the wheel (video)


Two Iranian girls crashed their car while trying to film themselves singing and dancing at the wheel.

The driver, a brunette wearing a bright scarf, can at one point be seen taking her hands off the wheel and making a heart with her fingers for the camera.

The glamorous-looking girls are happily singing away when they suddenly crash - and the last thing you see is the airbag being released.

It is not known what kind of injuries, if any, the girls sustained.

Meanwhile, a Canadian woman who killed a teenager after crashing her car into him and his friends while they were cycling is suing the dead boy.

Sharlene Simon has filed a claim against Brandon Majewski's family after killing the 17-year-old in October 2012.

Simon alleges that she "sustained serious and permanent injuries to important physical, mental and psychological functions" after the crash in Ontario, Canada.

Her claim states "enjoyment of life has been irretrievably lessened."

According to the Toronto Star, Majewski's family lawyer has called the claim "distasteful".

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