Scary video shows 'ghost' floating through Liverpool pub


A historic pub in Liverpool is reportedly being haunted by a ghost - and there's apparently CCTV footage to 'prove it'.

Video from the Pub in the Park shows a spectre of light floating through the building after last orders.

The building is actually called Allerton Hall and is a 17th century Grade II listed manor.

Speaking to the Metro, general manager Joe McCann said of the poltergeist: "I'll be on the lookout for any more goings on but am hoping this is a friendly ghost."

He added that the video was "very strange" and had divided opinion about what it showed.

There have been previous ghost hunts in the building, with reports of orbs and other supernatural incidents.

Allerton Hall was built in 1736, but there has been a manor on the site since medieval times.

According to the Liverpool Echo, it used to be the family home of the Lathom family, and was later owned by the renowned lawyer and slave trade abolitionist William Roscoe.

What do you think the flash of light is? Casper? Leave your thoughts below.

The news comes the same week as two girls claimed to have taken a picture of a ghost in the woods while they were camping near Bristol.

Lola Swan and Kate Channon went camping in Leigh Woods in Bristol, but fled in the middle of the night after hearing a child's voice at 1am, as well as branches cracking outside their tent.

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