New Zealand holidays: Why island-hopping is a must


New Zealand's islands should be on everyone's holiday bucket list

Kate and William's recent visit Down Under has sent searches for holidays to New Zealand in 2014 soaring - putting the country firmly in the limelight for British holidaymakers looking for that trip of a lifetime. While the royal couple clearly had a ball, they didn't venture off the main islands, which meant they missed out on some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. So if you happening to be travelling to the other side of the globe, make sure you catch these!

New Zealand is a true island nation, with lots of joyful little isles to explore just off the big North and South islands: there are many hot spots to be discovered dotted along the coastlines, and island hopping can be a real pleasure as you get to experience the incredible diversity of the region.

For a sense of true escapism and adventure, to encounter endangered wildlife or to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury, New Zealand's islands are perfect for adventurous travellers. Nothing quite beats standing on an active volcano on White Island, a giant barren moonscape streaked with iron oxide reds and vivid sulphur whites and yellows, where cliffs rise more than 300m above the sea, for example. Then there's the unforgettable chance to spot a kiwi on the island of Kapiti - the only place left in the world where you can see these semi-extinct birds in their natural environment.

Tourism New Zealand has selected the best islands visitors shouldn't miss - and the pictures themselves prove just how much they deserve to be on your list of must-sees.

New Zealand's beautiful islands

New Zealand's beautiful islands

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