Bargain booze! Manchester opens first 'Pound Pub'



A pub in Manchester has become a beer-lover's dream - by offering pints for just £1.50 each.

The Pound Pub in Atherton offers half-pints for £1 and full pints for £1.50 and is the second of its kind to open, with the first Pound Pub located in Stockton-On-Tees.

But, while you'll get discounted drinks (pints in London cost around £3.60), there isn't a lot else on offer.

The cut-price chain has opted for a no-frills fit-out, with no entertainment or Sky Sports on offer.

It might be safe to presume that the pub could attract undesirable characters, but landlord Dave Sutton says this has so far not been the case.

He told the Daily Mail: "At the end of the day, if you can only drink ten pints at £3, you are still only going to be able to drink that if they're £1.50.

"We don't encourage people to get drunk and there's been no more trouble. In fact the pub is already going very well and the customers seem to be happy."

A range of Fosters, Theakstons, Strongbow and John Smith's is on offer on tap, as well as bottles of Becks for £1.

Mr Sutton said his clients so far have mainly been old men who like to drink in the day.

He added that the opening of the pub, near Wigan, had rubbed some other landlords up the wrong way.

But one local landlady Mary Bates was pleased with the move, telling the Metro: "It keeps all the riff raff in one place. Every town should have a pound pub because it attracts all the ne'er-do-wells."

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