Terrifying moment toddler falls between train and platform (video)


The horrifying moment a toddler fell between the platform and a train seconds from departing has been caught on camera.

CCTV footage caught the moment the toddler fell at Reservoir Station in Melbourne, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother can be seen stepping off the train with her pram at around 4.20pm.

But within seconds, her baby slipped from her arms and fell into the gap between the train and the platform.

A number of passenger's rushed to the woman's aid as she got down on her knees to try and rescue her child, and thankfully the toddler escaped unharmed.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Metro spokeswoman Larissa Tait said: "While a mother and daughter were exiting the train, the young child has fallen between the train and the platform.

"The driver was notified immediately, who then informed our central control room of the incident, and our station staff were promptly in attendance on the platform.

"This is a confronting and scary experience for any parent to go through.

"It was a fantastic response by our station staff and our customers on the platform and train. We commend the customers who rendered assistance alerting the driver and lifting the little girl back on to the platform."

But Ms Tait used the incident as a warning to other travellers and parents to be cautious of the gap.

She added: "The main message for our customers is to always be vigilant, especially when travelling with small children, and to hold their hands while boarding and exiting the train."

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