'Mid-air emergency' after passenger falls ill on holiday plane into East Midlands

An airline declared an 'onboard' emergency after a passenger fell ill mid-air on Monday.

The Jet2 plane was bound for East Midlands Airport from Faro in Portugal when the incident occurred above St Albans, near London.

The flight continued on its journey despite the incident, and landed at 2.10pm ahead of its 2.20pm schedule.

The emergency was declared after a man in his 40s had a panic attack. Staff called ahead to the Castle Donington airport to make staff aware there was a media situation.

A spokeswoman for the East Midlands Ambulance service, which handled the incident, told the Leicester Mercury: "We received a pre-alert at 13:53 reporting a patient on a flight into East Midlands Airport who was suffering from a panic attack.

"A crew was dispatched and waited at the airport for the plane to land."

A spokesman for East Midlands Airport added: "The plane was due to land here anyway so there was no emergency landing, but the crew had to call through because there was a passenger who had fallen ill. This is just normal procedure for an aircraft."

According to the Lincolnshire Echo, a spokesman for Jet2.com confirmed the incident occurred because of a passenger's medical problem, adding that paramedics took control of the situation when the plane landed at the airport.

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