Holiday complaints: Silly moans and daft requests made by Brits abroad

The sea's too loud, the sand's too white, and there were no custard creams

silly holiday complaints revealed

The British are a funny bunch. Complaining is what we do best, and when it comes to moaning about our holidays, we are by far and away the world champions.

A recent survey by global travel search site Skyscanner has revealed all sorts of strange complaints made to hotel guests, not to mention some distinctly odd requests. One hotel restaurant guest demanded that only the right legs of a chicken be served to him, for example, while another asked for his bath to be filled with chocolate milk. Then there was the guest who was in urgent need of a dead mouse, and another who requested that his toilet be filled with mineral water.... Did the hotel staff oblige? We are yet to find out.

But if you think these demands are strange, wait until you hear the holiday complaints reported by hotel staff that have been made by Brits around the globe. The slideshow below is surely conclusive proof that we need our heads testing.

Do you have a favourite holiday gripe? Does something really get your goat when you're away from home? Tell us in the comments below!

Silliest ever holiday complaints

Silliest ever holiday complaints

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