Worst holiday photos ever taken


Worst holiday snap ever? This clichéd tourist photo gone wrong isn't even the worst we've seen. From heads completely chopped off to blurry photos taken at night, you'll want to see this collection of terrible holiday pictures.

Travel website CheapHolidayLand.com launched a competition to find the UK's worst holiday photographer and the results are hilarious. Some of the photos are a tour de force of photographic incompetence, while others are just plain wrong. But one thing is for sure, these snaps will make you chuckle - and even roll with laugher!

When it comes to taking the perfect holiday photos, you'll want to avoid spending too much time taking clichéd photos of beaches and sunsets, and opt for more meaningful shots.

Photographer Martin Parr told Radio Four's Today programme: "People have these set ideas of what they should photograph, such as the beach, or famous monuments. It's just lots of people trying to do the same thing" but "the market place or even local shops that you go to... are just as interesting."

Meanwhile photographer Nigel Barker for Sony says you should take group shots. "The holidays are often the only time the entire family comes together. Make sure to capture the entire group. Some cameras feature a built-in wide angle lens that lets you capture everyone. Don't forget to put yourself in the shot."

Got your own tips for taking the perfect holiday photo? Leave a comment and tell us below. Or if you fancy sending in your own terrible holiday snap, just send it to us via our Facebook page and we'll add it to the gallery below:

Worst ever holiday snaps

Worst ever holiday snaps

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