Giant jellyfish invading Britain


Portland, Dorset, UK. 6th May 2014. Hotter weather has brought Giant Barrel Jellyfish to our coasts. Washed up at Portland in Do

UK beaches are being invaded by barrel jellyfish and more are set to arrive this summer.

A number of the giant creatures, that are the size of a dustbin lid, have washed up on Britain's shores.

According to the Daily Express, the latest, a three-foot jellyfish, was discovered on a beach on the Isle of Portland in Dorset on Sunday.

Steve Trewhella, 49, who found one of the massive creatures while walking his dog, told The Sun: "I think we will see more strandings because of winds and tides."

Richard Harrington, who works for the Marine Conservation Society, told Metro: "This predicted hot weather to come could mean even more jellyfish are likely to wash up or be in the seas.

"Although this species is harmless their numbers are likely to grow fairly quickly as sea temperatures rise.

"This is an Atlantic species and are sometimes found washed up but we still advise the public not to touch them."

The Marine Conservation Society says you are "most likely to see barrel jellyfish from a boat while out at sea; they are less common close to the coast".

"Barrel jellyfish are unmistakeable, their large bodies highly visible, and the smooth bell and cauliflower-shaped mass beneath very distinctive."

The jellyfish are most common in the summer and the predicted UK heatwave could bring swarms of the creatures to our beaches.

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