Video shows stowaway teen jumping out of plane after five-hour flight

CCTV Shows Plane Wheel Stowaway on Tarmac

CCTV footage of a teenage stowaway hopping from a Hawaiian Airlines plane wheel well has been released.

In the video, the 15-year-old boy is seen coming out of the wheel well at an airport in Maui, Hawaii after a five and a half hour trip from San Jose, California.

The youth Yahya Abdi is then seen walking along the tarmac, wobbling slightly. According to Fox News, he survived the flight at 35,000 feet with low oxygen and freezing temperatures.

When he exits the wheel well, Abdi sits on the concrete for a few seconds and then gets up and walks towards the front of the plane. He then walks up to an airport worker driving a cart and the pair talk for a few minutes before walking away together.

He told police he had been trying to reach his mother in Ethiopia after learning that she was alive after his father reportedly told him she had died, the LA Times reports.

His mother, Ubah Mohamed Adbdullahi, spoke from a refugee camp in eastern Ethiopia, and said she believed her son had risked his life trying to reach her, according to the Associated Press.

San Jose police spokesman Albert Morales said the Somali immigrant flew back to California over the weekend and was being cared for by Santa Clara County Child Protective Services.

Authorities will consult with the Santa Clara County district attorney's office and city of San Jose representatives to decide whether to file charges against him.

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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