Get out of the water! Great white shark attacks inflatable boat (video)


The moment a great white shark decided to take a chunk out of the side of an inflatable boat has been caught on camera.

The amazing moment was captured by filmmakers at MaxAnimal, who were floating off the coast of South Africa at the time of the incident.

According to the Huffington Post, the crew said the attack was "completely unprovoked" and everyone, including the shark, "made it out alive".

Many YouTube users seemed incredulous that the team seemed to relish the moment rather than make a hasty retreat.

Thomas B Howard wrote: "Oh look, a great white seems to be plunging its lethal bite into the boat a yard away. Everyone, get closer to it! "

Another, Travis Koger, wrote: "Yeah I would be wanting to get those motors going a lot quicker than these guys did. "

Another user poked a little fun at the dramatic soundtrack playing over the video, with one writing: "Sharks must have speakers that play the jaws music when they come near. "

MaxAnimal laughingly replied: "This is an interesting theory. Would explain a lot! "

On a serious note, the team added: "Great white sharks are amazing creatures. They should be respected and protected.

"The awesome Great White can grow to 21 feet in length. It is THE apex predator of the sea. Except for maybe the orca. Great whites have been around for over 15 million years."

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