Foreign tourists love Britain's historic towns most of all

City of York: historic towns are the biggest attraction for foreign tourists

What is the most appealing thing about Britain to foreign visitors? Well, apart from London, it's our amazing historic cities, according to a new survey of overseas tourists.

The capital city has always been the most popular destination in the UK, but holidaymakers from overseas are visiting sites other than London in larger numbers than ever before - and Britain's historic cities, such as Bath, York (pictured) and Edinburgh, are causing a real stir.

The study, carried out by Visit Britain, found that each nationality favoured different parts of the country. Tourists from Turkey and Egypt, for example, were found to be the biggest fans of Britain's coastline - with more than 40 per cent saying this was on their wishlist.

Historic British cities scored highly for all nationalities and are favoured by more than than half of Russians and Chinese visitors.

And the least interesting places to visit? Large British cities other than London don't hold much allure.

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