Woman caught having sex in plane toilet while her parents sat nearby


woman caught having sex in plane toilet

A British woman was caught having sex in a plane toilet with a male passenger she had just met - while her parents sat just metres away.

The 'drunken woman', 20, was travelling on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London Gatwick to Las Vegas for a family holiday when she disappeared to the toilet with the man sitting next to her.

And as if this wasn't embarrassing enough, she then had to be handcuffed to her seat after verbally abusing cabin crew, The Sun reports.

A passenger told The Sun: "She was travelling with her mum and dad, and she started getting heated with the guy sitting next to her.

"They went to the bathroom, and people could hear loud noises. The cabin crew forced the door open. Then she really kicked off, screaming drunken abuse. She was shackled to her seat."

The Daily Mail reports that when she arrived in America, the woman was questioned by US cops before being released with a warning.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson told The Sun: "We do not tolerate disruptive behaviour on board."

Last year, a couple pleaded guilty to engaging in oral sex on a flight from Oregon to Las Vegas.

Jessica Stroble, 33, and Christopher Martin, 44, were arrested when they stepped off of the Allegiant Air flight from Oregon after horrified passengers complained to staff of their "lewd, indecent, and obscene" mid-air sex acts.

The pair were ordered to pay a fine of $250 (£155) each by U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge George Foley in Las Vegas.

According to The Associated Press, Martin's lawyer Lawrence Hill said his client was remorseful, had suffered personally and professionally, and wanted to put the incident behind him.

During the flight, one angry mother told flight attendants: "This is not the sex education I wanted to give my teenage sons."

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