Fisherman catches huge perch with smiling frog inside (picture)


A fisherman got a real surprise when he caught a huge perch and opened its mouth to find a live frog smiling at him.

Angus James was fishing north of Townsville, Queensland when he caught the fish.

He told New Limited he was "shocked" to find the bright green tree frog inside his catch.

"I thought it might have been green grass at first, then it blinked," he said.

A photo of the frog was posted on Facebook by Reptiles magazine and has become an online hit.

Speaking to Reptiles magazine, James said: "As I was pulling my lure from the fish to release back into the water I noticed two little eyes looking back at me from inside the fish's mouth. After capturing this picture, the little green tree frog leaped straight past my head onto the nearest tree. It was one of the coolest things I have seen in my life! This is one lucky frog!"

Angus, a professional field angler at Tackle Tactics, said he always carries a camera with him.

"It has gone all around the world. So many people have shared it. There's people commenting on the photo in languages I don't even understand," he told Courier Mail.

"Everyone keeps saying the frog got its second chance at life."

Last month, a Norwegian fisherman found an orange vibrator inside a large cod he was gutting.

Bjørn Frilund wasn't too surprised when he pulled out two half-digested herrings, but was "astonished" to find the fish had eaten a sex toy.

The 64-year-old told The Local he had been fishing in waters around his home in Eidsbygda, western Norway for as long as he can remember but has never come across anything like this before.

The angler believes the 5kg cod thought the vibrator was a cephalopod.

"I was astonished," he said. "It was totally unexpected. I had never seen anything like this before."

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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