British Airways plane makes emergency landing as woman gives birth early



A British Airways flight from Nigeria to London was diverted to Majorca when a woman gave birth just 26 weeks into her pregnancy.

The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing on the Spanish island after Ujunwa Ozeh, 31, went into labour at 36,000 feet.

According to The Guardian, BA cabin crew helped medical staff at the airport in Palma with the baby.

Ozeh gave birth in Business Class on the Boeing 777 carrying 296 passengers, the Daily Mail reports.

The mum of two was travelling with her one-year-old daughter and was planning on a trip to Washington, USA for a holiday.

When her water broke, a call was put out for doctors on board and a female doctor was able to oversee the birth with the help of cabin crew trained in birthing procedures.

Speaking to the Mail, Ozeh said: "I just wasn't thinking that I could be in labour, I couldn't imagine it. When the doctor told me that the baby was coming I went into total shock, I can't really remember, I wasn't able to think clearly."

Ozeh and the baby were rushed to hospital when the plane landed. Her son, who she has named Michael, is in the intensive care unit where he will remain until August.

Her husband Kaycee Ozeh, a businessman in Nigeria, is now trying to get a visa to be with his family in Majorca.

A BA spokeswoman said: "Our cabin crew, who are trained in birthing procedures, assisted with the delivery of a baby on board our flight from Abuja.

"The captain diverted the aircraft to Palma so that mum and baby could be taken to hospital. We wish the mother and her little one all the very best."

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