Hong Kong's Kowloon Peninsula in pictures


Hong Kong Kowloon peninsula

These beautiful pictures show the city of Hong Kong in a new light.

Photographer Peter Stewart spent two years taking the stunning images in an attempt to show off the beauty of the sprawling metropolis.

The 29-year-old Australian has amazingly only been a photographer since 2009 but quickly made the change from holiday snaps to travel photography.

Hong Kong Kowloon peninsula

Peter said: "The purpose of images like these is to overwhelm the viewer as there is just too much to take in on first viewing.

"I love all the intricate details that make up a cityscape and my hope is that it grabs the viewers attention enough to want to explore it more in finer detail.

Hong Kong Kowloon peninsula

He added: "There is simply just so much to see and document in Hong Kong that it can fill the niche for any photographer.

"All of these images were taken at night, when the city is at it's most vibrant.

"Using a tripod allows me to shoot using a longer shutter speed at night so I can capture as much ambient light as I please - provided the city is playing fair that evening and not covered in fog."

Hong Kong Kowloon peninsula

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Hong Kong highlights: Kowloon and Hong Kong Island in pictures

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