Plane on fire: passenger takes terrifying video


An air passenger took this terrifying footage of his burning plane after the aircraft's engine burst into flames shortly after it took off.

The British Aerospace 146 flight, which was intended to travel to Barrow Island in Australia, was forced to make an emergency landing at Perth Domestic Airport after a passenger noticed sparks, reports the Mirror.

Terrified passengers managed to capture incredible on-board footage of the incident.

Witnesses on the ground also managed to capture the incident.

They watched in horror as the plane slowly circled the airport waiting to land with sparks flying out of the wing.

One eyewitness said: "I saw the flames coming out of the left hand side of the engine and it just started turning out of the clouds, I thought it was descending and then it just disappeared."

The Cobham Aviation flight safely executed an emergency landing at the airport and fire services were soon on the scene.

Passengers reportedly remained calm throughout the ordeal and no passengers were injured.

The incident is currently being investigated by Australian authorities.

15 flights from hell

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