Bikini ban: Majorca tourists face £500 fine for walking streets in swimwear


Banned from wearing swimwear on the streets in Majorca, SpainBanned: swimwear on the streets/Getty

New laws being introduced in Majorca mean that tourists who are topless or wearing swimwear on the streets will be fined of up to £500.

Palma City Council is reportedly planning to bring into effect the Ordenanza Cívica in May in a bid to regulate "good behaviour" for tourists and residents alike, reports

There will be fines for people wearing swimwear in the street, as well as proposals for a ban on drinking alcohol on the streets, too.

mallorca-holidaymakers-face-fines-swimwear-streetsMajorca beach/

According to the Daily Mail, under a section called 'Etiquette', the Ordenanza states anyone 'devoid of superior parts of clothing" away from the beach will be fined.

Other proposals include issuing fines for cycling on the pavement, as well as banning glass bottles and buckets on the beach.

The laws are expected to be implemented by the end of May - just in time for the summer holiday season.

The city's vice mayor, Alvaro Gijon, denied claims the new proposals were just a money-making scheme and said they were intended to promote good behaviour of locals and tourists in a bid to preserve "harmony and civility".

A similar idea was introduced in Barcelona back in 2011, where tourists who wander off the beach and onto the streets in bikinis and trunks face strict fines.

Woman waiting in line in bikini

The city hall voted to ban "nudity or virtual nudity in public places" and limit swimwear to swimming pools, beaches, adjacent roads and beach walks.

There's a stiff fine for bikini and trunk-wearing wanderers (120 to 300 euros), while nudists
face an even tougher fine of 300 to 500 euros.

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