Ten abandoned airports around the world (pictures)


Interior spaces of the abandoned airport of Nicosia.

Not all airports are brimming with passengers racing to catch a flight to a sunny beach spot or returning from a city break. Some airport terminals you'll find completely empty and gathering dust after they closed down or were abandoned due to a bigger and better airport being built.

While Heathrow and Gatwick are discussing plans to expand and see more travellers passing through their gates, there are other international airports around the world that lay derelict and haven't seen a plane land or a passenger depart in years.

Nicosia Airport's cafes and gift shops stand empty in the derelict terminal building, and a blanket of dust covers the departure lounge seats. Gaza Airport ceased operation in 2001 after the radar station and control tower were bombed by Israel Defense Forces, but staff continued to man the ticket counters and baggage areas until 2006, even though no planes flew in and out of the airport.

In the UK, Croydon Airport was the world's first international terminal but were replaced by Northolt Aerodrome, London Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. Today the terminal building is Grade II listed and the old control tower houses a visitor's centre.

From a deserted and dangerous airport in Hong Kong, which reopened as a cruise terminal, to a forgotten terminal in South Africa, which last served the 2010 World Cup's footballers, see pictures of abandoned airports around the world...

Abandoned airports around the world

Abandoned airports around the world

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