Shock as performing bear spotted at market in Spain


performing bear spotted in spanish market

A performing bear has been pictured in a medieval market in Spain.

According to The Olive Press, the animal was seen in the market in Los Alcazares, Murcia.

Reports of the bear in the area were brought to the website's attention by David Meanwell from Bear Conservation and a photo of the captive bear soon emerged.

The Olive Press reports that it is the first time a performing bear has been seen in Spain since two incidents were reported in 2007.

In 2010, a man was mauled to death in America by a performing bear.

Brent Kandra, 24, was killed when the bear was out of its cage for feeding.

The bear's owner, Sam Mazzola, had used the black bear for wrestling with humans at the annual Cleveland Sport, Travel & Outdoor Show.

Last year, a photo of three hippos forced to perform a conga in an Eastern European circus emerged.

The seven-year-old females were reportedly paraded around in the freezing temperatures of Minsk, Belarus, far from their native Africa.

Zlatyi, Yana and Aida were made to bounce balls on their heads, climb ladders and build pyramids.

A spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told the Daily Express: "Hippos, along with other luckless wild animals who are chained, caged, whipped and intimidated by the circus industry, are deeply distressed when they perform.

"In the 21st century, with all the countless ways we have to amuse ourselves, there is absolutely no excuse for these shows to be taking place."

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