Silk actress suffers plane 'seatmate rage' from Heathrow to LA



An actress who starred in Silk appeared to get rather disgruntled that her flight companion had no idea who she was.

Frances Barber was flying from Heathrow to LA over the weekend, and sat next to a 22-year-old musician and contortionist called Tyler Jacobson.

Even when the flight attendant asked her if she was from Silk, her seat mate didn't seem to notice, which irked her even more.

She was so annoyed at the lack of interest, she shared her frustrations on Twitter, writing: "Tyler is the worst companion on a flight, ever.

"The purser asked if it was me from Silk, but he didn't ask me a single, solitary thing."

According to the Daily Telegraph, she also got offered free Champagne, which she thought might have piqued more interest, but no. She wrote: "You'd think he might slightly wonder what I did?. Oh no."

She added that she asked him lots of questions about himself but that he asked none of her.

Tyler, however, was quite oblivious and thought they'd got along fine. When approached by the Daily Telegraph, he said: "I'd asked her if it was all right if I put my flute in its case beneath our seats, as there wasn't room for it in the locker.

"She said it was fine, and we chatted pleasantly, and then she put on her headphones to watch the movies, and I got out my book. We didn't talk again until we landed, when I got her luggage down for her from the locker and we said our goodbyes."

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