Man kicked in head by train conductor to make money from video


A Canadian man who wanted to take a selfie in front of a train was kicked in the head by the train conductor and has become an internet sensation after posting the clip on YouTube.

Jared Michael Frank, 22, was taking the video selfie when he was kicked by someone wearing black shoes and a uniform, CBS reports.

"Wow, that guy kicked me in the head," he says in the video, which has been viewed over 24 million times.

"I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a 'safe' distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head," Frank said on his YouTube page.

According to Gawker, media companies are now offering him thousands of dollars in advertising and licensing opportunities.

CBS reports that he could make anything between $30,000 and $250,000.

He said: "I'm a little worried, but I have a decent relationship with the licensing company, so I trust them. I did a lot of research first."

Frank says he'll use the money he makes to pay for a recent trip to Peru, which is where the video was filmed.

Last month, a pair of thieves who entered a bus in Brazil to rob and attack the conductor got their comeuppance when members of the public saw the incident and mobbed them minutes later.

A LiveLeak video shows the pair punching and kicking the bus conductor in Jaboatão dos Guararapes in Pernambuco.

They steal cash from the bus before the conductor manages to escape from a window, but the pair are trapped in the stationary vehicle as a large crowd spots them.

The angry crowd crashes through the doors, punching and kicking one of the robbers on the floor.

He is then dragged onto the streets and restrained before police arrive.

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