Kate and William in Australia: ten things we think they should do


australia sign on the beach

All eyes are on Australia at the moment as Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince George embark on the much-anticipated Royal Tour.

Their itinerary, which takes in Sydney, Brisbane, Ayres Rock, Adelaide and Canberra, is a conservative affair, mostly focused on the traditional tourist cities. Fun, yes, but hardly ground-breaking, is it?

If only they would venture away from the country's more obvious draws, they'd be able to really let their hair down.

The country's extreme landscapes, from its red, dusty deserts to its glittering salt lakes provide the perfect playground for the adventurous traveller, even you happen to be a future king.

The royals might welcome the chance to sleep in an underground hotel, for example, or party with the locals in an abandoned gold mining town. Or perhaps they'd really rather experience the chaos of a farming town's festival than attend yet another formal gathering.

We've rounded up the most playful Down Under experiences for the more adventurous traveller. Here are some ideas for Kate an William in case they tire of their rather formal engagements.

Ten things you never knew you could do in Australia

Ten things you never knew you could do in Australia

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